Active Shooter Reported at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Authorities Say

U.S. Navy Ramps Up Rescue Operations

gunman opened fire at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida, killing at least three people and injuring many others. Officials confirmed that the shooter was also killed. Two police officers and five others were injured in the shooting, which occured in a two-floor classroom building at the base, which is used as a training facility

“There was an active shooter incident at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida this morning. The base remains on lockdown. The shooter is confirmed deceased, and two additional fatalities are confirmed. Multiple injured personnel have been transported to local hospitals. We will continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies," Lieutenant commander Megan Isaac said.

The shooter was identified as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. He was a member of the Saudi military who was training at U.S. Naval Air Station in Pensacola. Officials have not said if the shooting was terror-related and the FBI has taken over the investigation.

Police say the two officers "negated" the suspect. One of the officers was shot in the knee and the other was shot in the shoulder. Both officers are expected to make full recoveries.

This is the second shooting at a naval base this week. On Wednesday (December 4), a U.S. sailor shot and killed two civilian Defense Department employees and wounded a third person before taking his own life at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii.

Photo: Getty Images

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