Is There A Hidden Camera Spying On You? Here's How To Find Out...

These days, cameras are literally everywhere!

While most of them are in place for security reasons, you never know when a Peeping Tom might be using one in a hotel room... or an Airbnb rental... or even through your laptop camera!

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For this reason, the folks at Fox News have put together a list of tips for spotting hidden cameras. According to Fox, the best way to detect a camera is by using a device or app specifically designed for that purpose.

If you really want peace of mind, Amazon sells Wi-Fi signal detectors for about $59 that sweep the room for all connections. If you're on a budget, there's an app called Fing that does the same thing -- and it's free! The network also recommends turning off all the lights in the room, and looking behind wall hangings and mirrors for lights, which they say may be cameras.

And finally, the easiest method of all is to read online reviews! If someone suspects there was a camera in a room they stayed in, you can bet they're going to report it.

Check out all of the tips on Fox News.

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