Former Classmates Bring Magic to Dying Mother and her Daughter

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It is the season to be with family. Whether that is with your biological family or with people you call family.

That is all Dana Kennon, 58, wanted to receive this holiday season. She is suffering with stage 4 breast cancer that eventually spread to her lungs and bones across her entire body. Her doctors had originally given her three to four months to live, but she still living more than two years after her diagnosis!

She wrote in a Facebook post that her dying wish was to go to Disneyland and see the holiday lights one more time. She wanted to go with someone who hadn't been to Disneyland before so she can experience their first time visiting through their eyes.

So did Disney deliver some magic? Actually it was someone from Dana's past. A former high school classmate of hers, Nancy Juetten from John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills, saw her Facebook post and she decided to make her wish come true. Juetten got their entire graduating class of 1979 together to raise the money to send Dana and her daughter and her daughter's girlfriend to a two day all expense paid trip to Disneyland.

Dana tells ABC 7 how much this meant to her.

"That just one simple mention of I have cancer you know...and I had this bucket list and these people from 40 years ago...40 years ago! spring up and didn't ask any questions within a day or two everybody was 'what can we do to help?' and that's community,"

Now this is nice to hear.

Cancer is already a tough battle, but it is nice old classmates came together to make Dana's wish come true. Maybe it is a good idea to go to your high school reunion because they might help make your wish come true.

For the full story, check out ABC 7 story.

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