Ford And McDonald's To Start Producing Car Parts Out Of Coffee Waste

Here's a business team-up you probably didn't see coming...

Ford and McDonald's are now working together, using leftover waste from McDonald's coffee to make Ford car parts! The process uses 'coffee chaff' - the skin of coffee beans that peels off during roasting... That chaff is incorporated into the plastic hosing for headlights!

Ford officials say the coffee-infused plastic is lighter and more renewable than the previous version made with talc. Other plant-based materials made from soy, wheat, coconut, and tomato plants have also been developed by Ford in recent years.

“They must have a lot of ketchup discards — tomato skins and peels and seeds,” Debbie Mielewski, Ford's senior technical leader of sustainability and emerging materials research team said. “What about their French fry potato peels? We’re convinced we can probably do some chemistry and make something out of those as well.”

Do you see 'vegan' cars in our future?! Check out the full report on CNBC.

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