Woman Gets All 17 Pets to Pose for Family Portrait

Imagine getting not one, but all 17 of your family pets to pose for a picture. It seems nearly impossible but one woman managed to wrangle her furry friends for one incredible snap.

Kathy Smith of Wales spent two weeks preparing for the holiday picture of her eight dogs and nine cats. She practiced putting the pups in place for the photo and had to bribe the cats with treats for some practice shots.

Finally, Smith took a split-second shot of all 17 pets looking at the camera. Once she realize she got the picture she wanted, the animals scattered. She was done herding cats...and dogs.

"I love all of my pets so much so I was really happy when I managed to get them all posing together - despite it not being easy to do," said Smith.

Which of her pets were the hardest to please?

The cats.

The dogs simply needed to be bribed with treats.

"The dogs will all sit for treats so that was easy enough, but the cats were another matter," Wales explained. "I now know the real meaning behind herding cats - I had to just keep picking them up and putting them back until they stayed."

While everyone seems to obsessing over these pictures, it also seems like most are amazed by the amount of pets she has.

Smith added: "People are usually shocked when they come over and realize how many pets we have, the house is mad but we're used to it."

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