Dr. Seuss' Grinch Offering Personalized Messages for the Holidays

UNIVERSAL CITY (CNS) - For a guy who has been notoriously trying to steal Christmas every year for six decades, Dr. Seuss' Grinch can be surprisingly affable.

So why not let him handle your holiday greeting needs?

In conjunction with its annual ``Grinchmas'' holiday celebration, Universal Studios Hollywood is giving people a chance to send or receive a personalized video greeting from the Mean One himself -- the perfect gift for those who may share the Grinch's historically ``more bitter, less glitter'' outlook.

Through Sunday, people can order a personalized greeting online at Cameo.com/TheGrinch by providing some basic information about the recipient, and the video greetings will be sent by email.

Of course, as the website notes, the Grinch is a busy man -- well, Grinch -- so he warns people not to ``get your feelings hurt if I can't answer everyone's request.''

People who can't get through to the Grinch online can always visit him in person. Until Dec. 29, he'll be holding court in Whoville, located in the heart of the Universal Studios theme park during the ``Grinchmas'' holiday event. His faithful dog, Max, is also there for photo opps.

In addition to greeting guests and posing for photos -- in a charming manner not common among the typical grinch crowd -- the Grinch also takes part in nightly musical ceremonies to light the brand new 55-foot-tall twisting Grinchmas tree, made famous in the classic Dr. Seuss book and ensuing cartoon and movie.

Joining the Grinch in the festivities are various denizens of Whoville, including Mayor Augustus Maywho and young Cindy Lou Who. The lighting ceremony is punctuated by snow falling on the guests of Whoville.

Guests may consider catching one of the early lighting ceremonies -- they're held every half-hour after sunset -- then wandering from Whoville to Hogsmeade village in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction.

The village rooftops are covered in snow for the holiday season, and each night Hogwarts castle is the centerpiece of a light show that beams Christmas images on the castle walls to the sounds of the ``Harry Potter'' filmverse -- along with some culminating pyrotechnics. For those feeling the chill of winter, the show is perhaps best enjoyed with a hot Butterbeer.

The Harry Potter Christmas show and the Grinchmas attraction will both run through Dec. 29.

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