Why Are College Students So Afraid of Heather Mac Donald?

"Few things upset American college students more than being told they aren’t oppressed..." Heather Mac Donald writes in her latest opinion essay in the Wall Street Journal... And she's experienced that first-hand.

Heather Mac Donald is an author, political commentator, attorney, and a fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

She recently spoke at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts about how American undergraduates "are among the most privileged individuals in history by virtue of their unfettered access to knowledge."

But according to Mac Donald, the students wanted nothing to do with what she had to say! She says that only about 15 minutes into her talk, she was drowned out by chants of "My oppression is not a delusion!" and "You are not welcome!"

"The protesters drowned out my response before filing slowly out of the room," she wrote. "Still loudly announcing their victimhood and leaving dozens of seats empty that could have been filled by students who had been turned away for lack of space. (The protesters had hoped to occupy the entire auditorium before vacating it, so no one else could hear me speak)".

But the protesters didn't stop there...

Make sure you're listening to the John and Ken Show at 4 p.m. PT Wednesday to hear the story from Heather Mac Donald herself.

"Most Americans are eager and ready for a post-racial country. The perpetual invocation of racial oppression on college campuses and beyond, however, keeps race relations fraught," she added.

Read her full opinion piece, 'Why Are College Students So Afraid of Me?' on The Wall Street Journal.

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