LA County Is Refusing To Pay For LA's New Homeless Shelters


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It may have taken quite some time to take off, but Mayor Yoga Pants plan to build a homeless shelter in every City Council district has finally gotten momentum.

Nine have opened with more than 500 beds available.

In all, 30 shelters are in some stage of development for a total of 2,300 new beds, including about 900 that the city plans to fund from other sources.

However what the Mayor didn't anticipate was Garcetti's A Bridge Home program not being funded by Los Angeles County. As it turns out, they have argued over who should pay for it.

Leaving the expansion of this program up in the air.

In an Oct. 29 letter to Garcetti, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas forwarded a county staff report suggesting that giving the city money for additional beds would require the county to divert money budgeted for homelessness prevention, outreach and rapid rehousing.

“There are 88 cities in the county of Los Angeles,” Ridley-Thomas said. “We have an obligation to deal with the homeless crisis throughout those cities. We are seeking to be as attentive to those requests and concerns as possible.”

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