California DMV Makes 50 Million A Year Selling Private Information

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A new document from the California Department of Motor Vehicles revealed that the government agency had gathered around $50 million a year by selling drivers' personal information to private companies.

The document showed that through public records request, revenue from selling information that included names, physical addresses, and car registration information they were able to accumulate $51 in 2018-2019.

The document did not say which private companies the DMV sold the information too.

“The DMV takes its obligation to protect personal information very seriously. Information is only released pursuant to legislative direction, and the DMV continues to review its release practices to ensure information is only released to authorized persons/entities and only for authorized purposes,” public information officer Marty Greenstein wrote. “The DMV also audits requesters to ensure proper audit logs are maintained and that employees are trained in the protection of DMV information and anyone having access to this information sign a security document.”

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