The John and Ken Show's #TurdWatch: Day 9 Update

Have you been listening to the show this week? If you have, you've probably heard about our #TurdWatch in Venice...

We now have an update for you.

Listener Allen reached out to us 9 DAYS ago about some feces that was left near his home by a vagrant. It took 9 DAYS for the city to come out and clean it up... And when they did, they sent out THREE workers to clean up ONE turd.

Can't believe it?! Neither could we.

Thankfully listener Allen sent us this security video of the clean up as proof. Enjoy!

Even though it's a small victory, we'll take it!

We are sick and TIRED of living in a state where homeless turds on your property are accepted as normal.

Have your own homeless experience you want to share with us like Allen did? Tweet us! @johnandkenshow

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