Tesla’s Electric Pickup Truck Debut Didn't Go as Planned

Tesla has made it official and is now expanding its electric car line by jumping into the pickup truck business.

During the Los Angeles Auto Show, Elon Musk revealed the large metallic trapezoid looking truck called the Cybertruck.

The pickup will cost $39,900 and up and has an estimated battery range between 250 miles to more than 500 miles.

Other features include having a stainless steel body and "armor-glass" windows, both of which are supposed to be super strong.

So much so that Musk had one of Tesla's chief designers test it by using a sledgehammer on the doors and throwing a metal ball at the windows.

While the hammer didn't make a dent the ball shattered not one, but BOTH windows, leading to a super awkward moment for Musk.

Check it out below:

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