Trump beats Newsom

Gavin Newsom and the California legislature has been trying to thwart and antagonize President Trump every chance they get. Well, this one finally backfired on them.

Today the CA Supreme Court tossed out Senate Bill 27 which Newsom signed into law in July. SB 27 was supposed to force any presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release five years of tax returns to get on California’s primary ballot.

John & Ken frequent guest attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who represented Trump voters in this case, put out a statement that said :"These courtroom battles over this clearly unconstitutional law are a waste of state resources and taxpayer dollars," Dhillon said. “I hope that after this decisive ruling from the final authority on California law, our Supreme Court, we will put this matter to rest and California as well as other Democratic-dominated jurisdictions will stop trying to suppress Republican votes and play fair and by the book. Voters can make the decision of whether disclosure of tax returns matters to them or not."

Bottom line, CA hacks simply need to do their jobs. Fix our roads, clean up the homeless problem, keep criminals locked up.... and stay out of Trump's way!!

Read about it here in the Sac Bee

trump mask pic/unsplash

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