Holiday Gift Guide Brought to You by Goop

Are you struggling to find that "perfect gift" for your loved one this holiday season? Well, good ole' Gwyneth Paltrow has come to the rescue with Goop’s 2019 holiday gift guide. Goop has released a plethora of incredible and unusual items. However, if you're looking for something on the cheaper scale, forget it! Some of these items include $43K earrings and Chanel not for you, but for your kids! The gifts Goop features are listed at outrageously high prices.

Let's talk about some of these expensive items. How much do you love your cat? Do you love it enough to pay $1000 for a brand new jungle gym? Goop features a white and grey stool for your cat, which honestly looks more like $20 rather than $949.

The items shown on the Goop Instagram, like the coffee maker and men's facial goodies down below don't have prices listed. However we guarantee the prices aren't what you would expect!

Everyone wants a good kitchen knife. The Aura Chef Aura One Redwood & Turquoise Knife Goop features might be too good. This knife is listed at $749! Yes, the knife looks fit for a king, but even a king wouldn't pay that crazy price.

Planning on buying your kids a fun game? How about getting them a Connect Four set listed at $1,495? I mean the set is made out of pure marble so it'll last a lifetime.

Thank you Goop for making us feel like peasants. If you want to check out more of these pricey holiday items click HERE.

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