Gavin Newsom Accuses PG&E Of Greed But They Funded His Political Career

California Gov. Newsom And CA Attorney Gen. Becerra Hold News Conference Responding To Trump Revoking State's Emissions Waiver

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Uh oh.

It seems like Gov. Gavin Newsom may need to backtrack some of his words.

Recently, the governor has been accusing the electric company with greed for not using their funds to upgrade their electrical wiring to help with the prevention of wildfires.

In case you missed it, here are some of the quotes Newsom has used lately about PG&E. .

“As it relates to PG&E, it’s about dog-eats-dog capitalism meeting climate change,” Newsom said at a news conference last month. “It’s about corporate greed meeting climate change. It’s about decades of mismanagement. It’s about focusing on shareholders and dividends over you and members of the public.”

He added that he while can forgive the company for not predicting the degree of impact climate change has had on California, “I will not forgive them for not making the kind of investments in their equipment — hardening and undergrounding and anticipating this new reality of which they have had ample time to anticipate.”

However, here's the twist: for the past two decades Newsom and his wife have accepted more than $700,000 from the company.

It doesn't just stop there. The PG&E foundation and many of its employees have also supported Newsom in his political career. There has been donations to his political campaigns, ballot initiatives, inauguration festivities, and even the first lady of California's foundation.

The Washington Post was able to review these records from 2011-2018.

John and Ken want to know why no one in California hasn't been able to figure this out. Why does a publication from Washington D.C find this out?

Newsom is a hypocrite, but we could've told you that.

For more information, please read here.

Listen to John and Ken discuss it all below:

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