DSP - Bryan Suits' Midway Movie Review

Earlier this week, the movie Midway came out.

For starters, no, this is not a remake of the Charlton Heston movie from 1976.

This is, however, a retelling of the story of the Battle of Midway that took place in June 1942 between United States and Japanese forces. This battle actually decided the fate of World War II on the Pacific Front for the Americans.

The movie stars Woody Harrelson as Chester W. Nimitz, Aaron Eckhart as Jimmy Doolittle, and Nick Jonas (yes that one) as Bruno Gaido. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has received a pretty poor rating from critics at 39%, but a fairly good rating from general audience members who gave it a 91%.

Bryan Suits himself said it was a good action movie set in World War II, but there are some things missing from the film? What could those things be? Well, you'll have to listen below to find out!

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