He Was Having a Bad Day... So She Pushed Him Out of an Airplane!

A Nebraska cancer patient wasn't having a good day, so his nurse decided to push him out of an airplane!

Ray Jolly was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (blood cancer), about a year ago. He's gone through six rounds of chemo, and has to have blood and platelet transfusions at lease two times a week... Even through all of that, his nurse says he truly is Jolly.

But one day she noticed he was feeling a bit down...

"I was down that he was down, because it's not typical for him to have kinda a bum attitude. It was like, 'what can I do?' I was just sitting at my desk and... lightbulb... I know exactly what I can do," his nurse Abbey said.

Lacy has more than 20 skydives under her belt, but 66-year-old Ray had never gone. So, nurse Abbey and the Lincoln Parachute Club made it happen!

"I was calm about everything, it was just great, I had no fear, it was just the best feeling in the world," he told KMTV.

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