Give This Man PomPoms and the Father of the Year Award!

Cheer Dad

We always want to support our children in everything they do. That can include driving them to practice, donating money for a fundraiser, or cheering them on from the bleachers .

One Virginia father decided that he can do way more than watch his daughter's high school cheerleading team perform a routine. In this viral video, Hekili Holland is cheering along with his daughter's cheerleading team. The video was filmed by another father at the game and he knew that Holland is one awesome dad.

Check out the video below!

Holland said he was trying to learn the teams routine all season by watching them but he couldn't quite nail it down.

So how is nailing the routine in the video? It turns out he had some help form his daughter.

Holland tells Good Morning America.

"The band plays and the girls perform it after every touchdown or score," he said. "I was trying to learn it by watching the cheerleaders. But Mackenzi [Holland's daughter] finally taught me one day. I’ve always loved the atmosphere of high school and college football. The band, the excitement, everything. It just another way to have fun and show support."

Now that's what we call father of the year! Some people might be embarrassed but Holland clearly doesn't care who is watching him. He just wants to support his daughter and the other cheerleaders.

There's an old saying, "parents are your biggest fan." Holland is proving that to be true by being his daughter's number one fan.

Now go out there and root for your child!

You can read more of Holland's interview at Good Morning America.

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