Kate Middleton Snuck Into London Pub For A Girls Night Out

Kate Middleton's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. And, well, she's a royal mom, so, that can make things complicated when she wants to have a girls night out. Luckily, though, Kate has a few tricks up her sleeve that lets her meet up with other moms from Prince George and Princess Charlotte's school without being hounded by paparazzi. In fact, Kate was able to sneak into a London pub just last month without being spotted. Here's how the Duchess of Cambridge managed it.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate was able to attend a meet-and-greet for parents of students at Thomas's Battersea, which is where George and Charlotte attend school. The night out was held at the Hollywood Arms pub in Chelsea. The pub is reportedly a popular spot, however, Kate managed to sneak in thanks to a secret door in the back.

So, how did Kate know about this secret door? It turns out the door was reportedly installed for Prince Harry during his early twenties. The door allowed Harry to sneak in and out to hang out with his friends without causing a fuss. Though not confirmed, it's believed that a few popular London pubs had these secret doors installed for Harry back in the day.

While Kate did get to enjoy a night out with her fellow school moms, she did have a personal protection officer in tow. She may be a cool mom, but royals still need to have their PPOs on hand even for a girls night out.

Photo: Getty

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