Top 10 DIY Punny Halloween Costumes!

Top 10 DIY Punny Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is upon us and you’re probably in the same boat as the rest of us aka pure panic that you haven’t figured out your Halloween costume yet. Well, there’s nothing we love more than a super easy DIY outfit and puns so why not put them together! There’s so many options of pun costumes you can do whether it’s funny, ironic, or clever, you got all of your bases covered. The best part is you’ll not only bring in a lot of laughs for being a comedic genius, but you’ll for sure win the “best costume” contest with these ideas.

We wanted to make your life stress free by giving you a bunch of options so you can put together your very own witty costume. You’ll have everyone saying how unBOOlievable it is when you turn your favorite play on words into one hilarious punny Halloween costume.

You can check out the punniest Halloween costumes below:

Ghost Malone:

Candy Rappers:

Party Animals:

Fantasy baseball:

Lego my Eggo:

Bounty Hunter:

Formal Apology:

News Flash:

Sugar Mama:

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