Mike Bonin responds to the Fire Video. See the homeless knife guy !

Our friends from yovenice.com actually got LA Councilman Mike Bonin's office address the homeless fire video backlash.

From yovenice.com : “It is shameful that opponents of bridge housing in Venice have manipulated the incident and turned into a right-wing smear attack, aided by talk radio shock jocks and internet trolls.” David Graham-Caso Deputy Chief of Staff, Councilmember Mike Bonin

Dangerous and filthy homeless people are now setting fires in front of LA Councilmembers and John & Ken are the bad guys ???

How pathetic.

Read the great work done by yovenice.com here.

Also, Demetrios Mavromichalis, resident of Venice and friend of the John & Ken Show sent us this pic of a crazy homeless knife guy.

Fires, knives, thefts and human waste.....

Welcome to Los Angeles.

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