Lake Forest Homeless Encampments Scaring Residents

Two homeless encampments in Lake Forest have some people scared to walk down a busy public intersection in Lake Forest. KFI News spoke with homeowner, Matt Pohlhammer who says that the homeless are vandalizing businesses and costing the city too much time and effort.

"They've had problems with people entering the restaurant with weapons. Most recently, three restaurants in a row had their front glass doors kicked in and two of them were robbed."

The encampments have resulted in 17 arrests in the last few weeks. Twice a week, city workers will pack up the strange belongings and clean the area.

Pohlhammer says it’s ridiculous that odd stuff like a screen door, a barber’s chair and a step ladder are all packed up each week so the area can be power washed.

"And then they'll pay somebody else to move it back. Is there any universe in which that makes sense?"

He adds that residents are being pushed out of public areas.

"We're being intimidated not to use public spaces by the transients and encouraged by the law enforcement not to enter the parks. That just seems unacceptable to me."

Pohlhammer also told KFI News that he was assaulted with a flashlight and broke his thumb.

The city says it is doing all it legally can and are working to provide shelter so cops can legally enforce anti-camping laws.

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