Disney Finally Dropped The First 'Jungle Cruise' Trailer

"Ladies and gentleman the moment you've all been waiting for," Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson says early on in the brand new trailer for Disney's highly anticipated Jungle Cruise movie. Fans of the Disney parks will be able to reach the punchline of this joke before Johnson's character, riverboat tour captain Frank, does. As Frank's jungle cruise tour sails behind a waterfall, he exclaims, "the backside of water!" As all Disneyland and Disney World annual pass holders know, it's one of the most recognizable jokes from the ride on which the film is based.

While the trailer lifts some nostalgic humor from the classic Adventureland attraction, the movie adaptation expands the world of the Jungle Cruise ride into an Indiana Jones-inspired comedic action film. Along with Johnson's down-on-his luck riverboat tour captain, Emily Blunt stars as Dr. Lily Houghton, a scientist searching for a rare healing flower in the Amazon. The adventure begins when Lily hires Frank for passage on her journey into the Amazon. Hijinks ensue, of course.

Blunt and Johnson both appeared at the D23 expo over the summer to promote Jungle Cruise. Though she remained tight-lipped about the film's plot points, Blunt spoke about how much the film means to her. “We’re just so moved, so honored to be in a movie like this because we both grew up madly in love withIndiana Jones, Romancing the Stone,” the actress said. “So to be a part of something like, this same spirit, just makes my heart race.”

Jungle Cruise sails into theaters on July 4, 2020.

Photo: Disney

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