El Segundo Times Says Homeless Are Mentally Ill And Drug Addicted

courtesy city of El Segundo

So, the El Segundo Times finally admits that most homeless have mental health, drug or alcohol problems. Well, no kidding you fools.

How many dopey El Segundo Times journalists does it take to tell their readers what they already know?

Here is what the Times says: "The Times examined more than 4,000 questionnaires taken as part of this year’s point-in-time count and found that about 76% of individuals living outside on the streets reported being, or were observed to be, affected by mental illness, substance abuse, poor health or a physical disability.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, which conducts the annual count, narrowly interpreted the data to produce much lower numbers. In its presentation of the results to elected officials earlier this year, the agency said only 29% of the homeless population had either a mental illness or substance abuse disorder and, therefore, 71% “did not have a serious mental illness and/or report substance use disorder.”

The Times, however, found that about 67% had either a mental illness or a substance abuse disorder. Individually, substance abuse affects 46% of those living on the streets — more than three times the rate previously reported — and mental illness, including post-traumatic stress disorder, affects 51% of those living on the streets, according to the analysis."

Well done El Segundo Times, you must be listening to KFI between 2p-6p because you sure aren't listening to your readers.

Do yourself a favor and read this story here

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