PPIC Poll: Residents Say Homelessness Is Top Problem In California

According to the Public Policy Institute of California:

When asked to identify the most important issue facing the state today, Californians are most likely to name homelessness (15% adults, 16% likely voters) and jobs and the economy (15% adults, 13% likely voters). Other top issues named include housing costs and availability (11% adults, 11% likely voters), immigration and illegal immigration (9% adults, 11% likely voters), and the environment (8% adults, 10% likely voters).

“Homelessness and housing costs are now being mentioned as much as the economy and immigration when asking about the most important problems facing the people of California today,” Baldassare said.

The most important issue varies across regions. In Los Angeles, one in five residents (21%) identify homelessness, while one in five in the San Francisco Bay Area (22%) name housing. Pluralities in the Central Valley (19%), Inland Empire (14%), and Orange/San Diego (14%) identify jobs and the economy as the top issue.

Many Californians are concerned about the overall direction of the state. Fewer than half (46% adults, 41% likely voters) say the state is headed in the right direction, while 48 percent of adults and 54 percent of likely voters say it is headed in the wrong direction. In fact, the share of adults who are optimistic about the direction of the state is at its lowest point since May 2015.

But you already knew this....because you are a proud KFI listener and you have seen your communities suffer.

Let's get something done !!

Read the full PPIC Poll for yourself here

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