CA GOP wins in court to keep Trump on the 2020 CA ballot

CA GOP lawyers proved that efforts to keep Trump off the 2020 California ballot is absolutely unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr.'s ruling granted injunctions barring Senate Bill 27, which required that presidential candidates publicly release their last five years of tax filings to be allowed on the California primary election ballot.

John & Ken will be speaking with attorney Mark Meuser today at 4pm. Here is Meuser's organization's statement:

"Judge England’s opinion makes clear that California’s SB 27 was fatally unconstitutional in multiple respects: qualifications clause, First Amendment, Equal Protection, and also pre-empted by the federal statutes," Dhillon said. "This order is a victory for the First Amendment, the rule of law, and for all citizens who want to cast their vote for the qualified presidential candidate of their choice without California’s interference. We hope that in light of this decisive, multi-layered opinion, California drops this biased effort to disenfranchise Republican voters, and moves on to more productive efforts designed to address California’s many substantive challenges that affect all California residents.”

"The Judge was very clear that SB 27 was unconstitutional and that the State has no authority to interfere with a qualified candidate appearing on the California Presidential Primary ballot," Meuser said. "California cannot pass a law that interferes with the Republican Party selecting the standard barer of its choosing.”

Read about Judge England's decision here

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