Road Rage Caught on Camera Shows Three Women Attacking Each Other

Chicago police have opened an investigation into a case of road rage after video of the incident went viral.

The incident happened during rush hour when a woman cut in front of a Hyundai while swinging a baseball bat out her window.

She then jumps out with her bat and smashes the hood of the other car, causing the passenger to hop out and confront her.

The Hyundai driver gets out to defend her passenger and tries to wrestle the bat away from the first woman.

A witness to the event spoke to the local ABC affiliate and believes the two women in the Hyundai seemed to be mother and daughter.

"I've never seen nothing like that before. ... It looked like they were doing a lot of slapping at first and grabbing, but then they started to do a lot of punching. It looks like the older lady was trying to grab the young lady by her hair to get her off her daughter."

Officers are using the cellphone video to gather clues to find the women involved.

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