Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Delaware school district apologizes after Roseanne Barr national anthem rendition plays before volleyball match

9 - Skydiver dies after hitting big rig and landing on highway

8 - Oregon deli worker laced bean dip with meth and served it to her coworkers

7 - Actor Danny Trejo says he once robbed Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank

6 - Virginia woman says a squirrel led her to injured baby squirrel

5 - Woman learns that her boyfriend shot her in the head years, and now he's headed to prison

4 - Somebody thought it'd be a good idea to sell scented scissors to children

3 - Louisiana company turns invasive swamp rodents into dog treats

2 - You can bet on a sex toy being tossed onto the field at this weekend's Patriots vs Bills football game

1 - A man had to take his 10 inch penis out of his pants in front of shop staff to prove he wasn't stealing

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