ICE Says that Sanctuary Policies Pose Safety Risk

ICE officials in Los Angeles are trying to convince politicians that sanctuary policies allow dangerous criminals back on the streets. The agency’s David Marin says ICE has lodged more than 11 thousand detainer requests with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department this year.

"These are criminal aliens and immigration violators who have been arrested and were in the custody of our local law enforcement agencies." Marin told KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck.

"ICE detainers were issued and subsequently ignored."

He says agents have arrested more than 150 illegal immigrants in the LA area this week.

"We're asking the public to hold lawmaker accountable. The policies and laws they created are only protecting criminal aliens."

Marin adds that more than half of those people could have been picked up in jail without the sanctuary policy.

Just today, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Matthew Albence, spoke at the White House denouncing "sanctuary cities" claiming that cities choosing not to cooperate with the federal government are a threat to the public's safety.

"It's past time to put aside the political rhetoric and listen to the facts." said Albence. "Every community is safer when law enforcement works together."

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