Carl DeMaio Wants To Secure The Border Now...And He Has a Plan


Carl DeMaio is sick and tired of politicians who refuse to act to secure our borders and deal with illegal immigration, saying it's time for citizens to "rise up to solve the border security and illegal immigration crisis."

He says that politicians have intentionally created the crisis for their own benefit.

So, he came up with his own plan to fix the problem.

He calls it the Secure the Border Initiative. It's a five-point plan to secure the border and to deal with the illegal immigration crisis.

In the opening letter of his plan, he criticizes both Republicans and Democrats, saying:

"There is a reason why our border is not secure and why illegal immigration has reached epidemic proportions. Special interests in Washington, from both political parties, want it that way.
Democrats benefit by framing border security as 'racist' and they know that they will win new votes with more illegal immigration. Big business also benefits from cheap labor, keeping weak-kneed Republicans in line.
It is a cozy and corrupt system that must end."

So, what's his 5-point plan?

  1. Fully secure the border by building a wall/ fencing/ barriers and other infrastructure to help Border Agents do their jobs effectively,.
  2. Reform our immigration and asylum system
  3. End Sanctuary Cities and taxpayer-funded welfare benefits for illegal immigrants and withhold federal funds from any state or local government that fails to cooperate.
  4. Fully enforce the E-Verfiy program to reduce unlawful employment of illegal immigrants.
  5. End 'chain migration' and instead use a merit-based selection process to vet and welcome legal immigrants.

Read Carl's full plan here.

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