Ben Carson Joins The John and Ken Show To Discuss Homelessness

A new proposal to ban homeless people from lying on certain sidewalks in Los Angeles saw some push-back on Tuesday at a City Council meeting.

Council members discussed the proposal in which some said would "criminalize homelessness," but would actually just prevent them from sleeping 500 feet within "sensitive areas", like schools or homes.

Just last week, President Trump said the administration “can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening,” speaking on the homeless crisis.

Under the new Los Angeles proposal, originally submitted last month by Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, vagrants would be banned from sitting or sleeping on sidewalks in restricted areas.

“We must take an honest look at this catastrophe,” O’Farrell added.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson even toured Skid Row last week, adding that Los Angeles needed cooperation from state, local, as well as federal governments to fix the crisis...

But because the council took no action during Tuesdays meeting, the proposal will now wait to be heard, once again, by the council's Homelessness and Poverty Committee.

Did you miss John and Ken's live interview with Secretary Ben Carson? Now worries! Just take a listen below:

Check out the full report on KTLA.

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