Conservative Activists Clean Up 50 Tons of Trash Throughout Los Angeles


Photo: Getty Images

It's sad.

Thank goodness it happened.

But, a group of Trump supporters took matters in their own hands and planned a massive clean-up in Los Angeles.

This clean-up was planned after conservative activist Scott Presler led a group into West Baltimore for a clean up after President Trump tweeted about the horrid conditions of that area.

Presler made a promise to himself and the group he leads that he will plan clean-up efforts in Newark, New Jersey, Virginia Beach, and Los Angeles.

So he did exactly that and he ended up in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Presler and his group removed over 50 tons of garbage in one area.

Shocking, right?

Not to us, we are so used to this and the trash hole that Mayor Yoga Pants has allowed to happen.

But of course the media isn't ready to talk about this.

The clean-up made no NEWS.

"National media has been completely silent," Presler said. "Yet, the day before our cleanup, the LA Times reported on the climate strike. I'm not a climate striker — I'm a climate doer. Perhaps if the LA Times reported stories on real activism, we would see more cleanups and fewer protests. #StopTalkingStartDoing."

Scott documented most his journey on Twitter. Follow the tweets below to see all that he accomplished.

For more information, please read here.

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