Woman Bites Camel's Testicles to Save Her Life

A woman who hasn't been identified, bit a camel's testicles in order to escape the weight of his body on top of her. In Louisiana, twenty minutes outside Baton Rouge at a truck stop in Gross Tete, a husband and wife were playing with their beloved dog next to an animal enclosure. For the last thirty years the truck stop has housed different wild animals, including a tiger. The current resident of the Gross Tete truck stop is a male camel named, Caspar. The woman's husband was chucking treats under Caspar's fence, which encouraged the dog to crawl into the camel's enclosure.

The husband and wife quickly realized they had put their dog in danger and naturally did what any dog parent would do, follow the dog into the camel's enclosure. This intrusion of Caspar's home caused him to sit on top of the woman. In order to free herself from Caspar's overwhelming weight, she clamped down on his testicles.

The woman told Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr., "I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me." According to officials, the couple had aggravated Caspar, making him sit on whoever was disturbing his peace. Hamilton states, "The camel did nothing wrong, he was just doing his normal routine."

Because Caspar was enclosed and appropriate signs were up informing the public to stay out, the employees at the truck stop were not charged. Truck stop manager, Pamela Bossier stated that the couple should've asked for help instead of crawling under the fence to go after their dog. The woman is lucky to be alive because according to the San Diego Zoo, male camels can weigh up to 1,320 lbs. Bossier states that Caspar is a "gentle giant," which means sitting on the woman wasn't an attack but an act of self-defense.

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