Police Commission Finds Officer Violated Policy in Fatal Shooting

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) -The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners voted today that an LAPD officer violated the department's policy in a fatal officer-involved shooting at a Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym in October last year.

The suspect was 30-year-old Albert Ramon Dorsey, who is believed to have been homeless, according to the Los Angeles County coroner's office. The shooting happened about 9 a.m. Oct. 29 in the 6300 block of Sunset Boulevard.

Chief Michel Moore reiterated to the commission what he said to the family of Dorsey in private.

``The circumstances are tragic and sad, and you have my condolences as chief and a father and an individual,'' Moore said during Tuesday's meeting. ``The department seeks to resolve circumstances like this peacefully. We look to provide and hire people of character and ability to be problem solvers and negotiate through difficult circumstances. We also give them instruction and guidance as to expectations, and when mistakes are made there are consequences.''

Moore said that he would further consider disciplinary actions following the commission's vote.

Police body camera footage shows officers trying to get Dorsey out of a shower at the gym, but he repeatedly ignored their commands. At one point, officers appear to try to handcuff Dorsey, and when he resisted they deployed Tasers. The body camera footage from the officers fails to show the complete incident, for instance, when and how Dorsey was killed, as both cameras were knocked off while they tried to subdue him.

After the cameras were removed, according to an LAPD findings report from the incident, Dorsey assaulted one of the responding officers, prompting the other to shoot him.

Dorsey was pronounced dead at the scene.

An officer suffered minor injuries in the altercation, according to LAPD.

The officers' names were redacted in the findings as a personnel investigation is still ongoing.

The details of why the commission voted the way it did were not reported, but Moore's findings report says officers did not give complete warnings to Dorsey when they deployed less-lethal tactics.

Tuesday's Police Commission meeting was tense in the audience. Members of Dorsey's family and friends gathered to voice their outrage. According to LAPD, two people were escorted from the meeting and one was detained. It was not immediately clear whether the person who was detained was arrested or cited and released.

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