California Keeps Making the Homeless Crisis Worse

New Court Ruling Bans Removal Of L.A. Homeless From Public Property

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Earlier this month 15 officials from the White House toured the infamous Skid Row in Los Angeles with a head of a local homeless shelter.

They weren't impressed.

Despite the fact that California is home to some of the strictest environmental and public health laws, the 44,000 people on the streets is causing California's public health to be a complete disaster.

It's not just the health, the whole state is becoming a disaster.

“We are seeing behaviors from our guests that I’ve never seen in 33 years,” said Rev. Andy Bales of Union Mission church, “They are so bizarre and different that I don’t even feel right describing the behaviors. It’s extreme violence of an extreme sexual nature. I have been doing this for 33 years and never seen anything like it.”

So how did officials let California become this bad?

Mental health options.

Wait what?

According to John Snook, who runs the Treatment Advocacy Center, thinks California's approach to mental health is why their problem isn't going away.

“Arizona is a red state that doesn’t spend a ton on its services but is the best scenario in every aspect. World-class coordination with law enforcement. Strong oversight. They don’t let people fall apart and then return to jail in 30 days like California does," Snook preached.

Maybe one day California can do something to fix this crisis instead of letting it get worse. crisis.

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