Is Antonio Brown Capable Of Controlling His Body?!

It looks like Antonio Brown's antics aren't just confined to the football field anymore. Just ask his doctor, who says the NFL star passed gas right in his face -- and then laughed about it!

Dr. Victor Prisk says the foul incident occurred during a 2018 appointment (for which Brown was more than three hours late)...

"I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face," Prisk says. "It seemed just childish to me."

Prisk adds that after cutting the cheese, Brown laughed and said, "I had a lot of fiber, bro." And adding insult to injury, Brown hasn't even paid the doc for the smelly encounter. Prisk says he's owed $11,000 in unpaid bills!

Brown is currently wrapped up in a lawsuit filed by his former trainer, who claims he raped her in 2018. Sports Illustrated also reported a second woman who has recently come forward with similar allegations.

Who really knows what's going on with Antonio Brown... All we know is that it STINKS!

Check out the full report here.

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