Golf Cart Thief Leads Police On Low-Speed Chase

You know the Conway Crew loves a good chase, but this one down in Florida was one of the most interesting we've seen in awhile!

A Florida man is now behind bars after he lead police on a chase through a golf course -- in a golf cart he'd just stolen.

Jerome Inman, 25, is accused of approaching two golfers on the seventh hole of a private Martin County course and telling them he had a gun, according to the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

He then took off with their golf cart, including their bags of clubs. He was still putting across the course when sheriff's deputies arrived and began their pursuit...

Watch it below!

Video taken by a sheriff's helicopter shows a shirtless Inman eventually abandon the cart and take off on foot, only to surrender when he realizes he's surrounded. There's no word on whether he actually had a gun...

"He later told deputies that he stole the cart because he thought he could make a faster get-away," they said.

Read the full report on News4Jax.

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