Kanye West Gives Up Bid To Build Futuristic Homes For The Poor In Calabasas

Earlier this summer, we got word that Kanye West was going to help ease Los Angeles' housing crisis, by building futuristic dome-like homes on his 300-acre Calabasas estate for the poor and homeless.

Obviously, Kanye was inspired by Star Wars and Luke Skywalker's home on Tatooine. So he started building several 50-foot-high dome structures with the intentions of including underground living spaces to help house those struggling to find a place to call home.

Let's just say residents of Calabasas weren't thrilled. Los Angeles Magazine says building inspectors started receiving complaints about construction on nights and weekends and:

"While Kanye's people said the structures were only temporary prototypes, one inspector deemed them permanent and gave Team Yeezy until September 13 to either obtain the proper permits or tear down the domes."

Well, this weekend, all but one of the domes were torn down. Will he get some permits and start building again? No one knows for sure. But don't count Kanye out just yet....he just purchased a big piece of property in Cody, Wyoming for $14 million. According to Los Angeles Magazine:

"The wilds of Wyoming would likely be more tolerant of West's humanitarian construction experiments, especially since he now owns 4,500 acrews of the Equality State outright and is leasing another 4,500 acres from the federal government."

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