75-Year-Old Gives Birth To Twins, Now The Oldest In The World

She's a first-time mom, and now the oldest woman in the world to give birth.

75-Year-old Mangayamma Yaramati lives in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, and opted for IVF after a neighbor in her 50's tried it successfully... She and her 82-year-old husband say they were never able to conceive naturally. The Washington Post reports that that eventually became a source of guilt, and she felt that others in India looked down upon her as if she had done something wrong for not having a child.

So, she did...

The twins were delivered via c-section and both are reportedly doing fine.

“The [pregnancy] was smooth. There were no complications,” Doctor Sankkayala Uma Shankar said. ”She only had respiratory issues, but that was taken care of."

According to our research, other outlets report her age to be 73 or 74... But either way, she still sets the record!

“We tried many times and saw numerous doctors,” Mangayamma said after giving birth. “So this is the happiest time of my life.”

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