Laguna Beach City Hall Spends $25,000 on a Strange Art Display

Scary, creepy, cool, beautiful. All words that people have used to describe 5 realistic looking men playing horseshoes, roasting hot dogs and vacuuming the grass in front of Laguna Beach City Hall. Many have stated they are confused by the installation designed by artist, Mark Jenkins. Others think the art fits into the eclectic climate of the city. The temporary project has cost the city $25,000 and will be on display until mid-October.

KFI's Corbin Carson spoke with a woman who said she was beyond confused seeing a the art figures pulling back a toilet plunger on a bow and aiming it at an apple on top of another sculptures head.

"I was wondering if they were real and now I'm just kind of curious as to what it means."

Jenkins has stated that he wants his art to create a conversation, the OCR reports.

“I’m a firm believer that an artwork should be a symbol that can be interpreted into any direction,” he said.

Many believe that the men are representing global warming. Although Jenkins did not agree with that, he was okay with that being their interpretation.

Corbin spoke with another man who was doubtful to hear that the art is intended to get people to talk about climate.

"I don't see climate change. I see people in hoods that could potentially rob banks."

The figure bodies are modeled after Jenking himself, who created wood armatures that fill with cement or foam. All of the clothing is real.

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