The Impact Of Tech On Teens & A Keanu Reeves Birthday- With The Dad Podcast

Technology is the problem.

Smartphones. Video games. The Internet.

They are all to blame for the rise in mental health issues plaguing America's youth.

Or are they?

A new study outlined in Science Daily explains that time spent using technology does not have an impact on the mental health of teens. The study tracked teens and the time they spent using technology and found that it did not lead to mental health issues, and actually let them feel more connected to their friends.

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast

"It is just like rock 'n' roll music and television. These things were the things that were ruining the moral compass and rotting the brains of our youth. Today we blame the internet, social media, and smartphones. But I still stand by my belief that the real reason behind teen depression and mental health issues is a lack of expectation to figure things out on their own when they are younger. So, when they get older and there is a real consequence to their actions and choices, they buckle under the pressure because most of them haven’t had much experience with failure."

But, what defines this connection? Is it the same as face-to-face communication?

And what about the addiction aspect? How do you account for that?


That's a Keanu Reeves birthday cake.


Because it was Justin's son's (Jacob) birthday and he is a baller.

To hear more of Justin's take on the impact of tech on teens and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast.

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