New Study Says Drinking Soda May Increase Risk of Death

Finally there's a health study related to what you eat or drink that Handel may actually pay attention to.

According to a study released by the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that people who drank more than 16 ounces of soda had a higher risk of dying from digestive issues.

It also found that people who drank the same amount of diet soda (ahem...HANDEL!) also had higher risks of dying from cardiovascular disease.

Now of course, like a lot of these studies you should be aware of it, but not lose your mind worrying over it.

Some days a food or drink is good for you...some times its found to be bad for you....

Regardless, I will totally throw this story at Handel every time he asks me to grab him a Diet Coke won't stop him, but the minor bit of guilt I'll get out of him will tickle me.

If you want to read more about the study, click HERE.

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