#TastyTuesday: Shannon's Season-Long Sausage Sampling

Everyone knows that @ForkReporter loves himself some food.

He's the station specialist on pretty much every meal you can think of.

Not bratwursts, though.

Those are Shannon's expertise.

This season she has vowed to try out the brats at every single NFL stadium she visits, all as a part of her mission to determine which stadium serves up the best one.

She loves encased meats of pretty much all kinds, but bratwursts are her favorites.

And of those bratwursts, stadium bratwursts are her favorite.

What's the secret to stadium-style brats?

How do they get that great flavor?

Why are they so much better than the one's you make at home?

According to Our Everyday Life, it comes down to a simple 5 step process:

  1. Selection - You have to go with raw pork sausages
  2. Precooking - Simmer it for 10 minutes in beer or broth
  3. Grilling - Always over charcoal
  4. Bun Choice - It depends on preference, but it makes a difference
  5. Condiments - All you really need is grilled/raw onions, mustards, and sauerkraut

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