San Clemente Homeless Camp is Requiring Vagrants to Prove Their Tie to City

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According to the Orange County Register, around 70 people were taken away from San Clemente's homeless campground along Avenida Pico so a proper clean-up of the site could be done.

However, only 23 people were allowed to return.

How did this happen you ask?

Well in order to regain entrance to the homeless encampment, city officials required the vagrants to show their tie to the city in order for them to be allowed to live in the city yard. This could be done by showing a valid driver's license, utility bill from a prior residence or bringing a family member that could vouch for their connection to San Clemente.

The city did this because ever since the campground opened in May, it's been getting filed with multiple vagrants from out of town.

Since the campground opened in May, officials said, it had been filling up with people from out of town.

Roger Etzwier was one of the homeless people denied re-entry to the camp when the homeless were allowed back in after the clean up.

“I’m upset because I got lured out here on false pretenses and the gate slammed shut on me,” Etzwier said. “I signed up just last week. I was a roofer in San Clemente for 30 years but that doesn’t help me now. I don’t have anything to prove it.”

Good for San Clemente city officials for handling this situation before things got to out of control. because

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