Former Lottery Winners Now Charged With Burglary

425 Million Jackpot Draws Hopeful Lottery Ticket Buyers

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A Michigan couple who won half a million dollars in the state lottery apparently decided it wasn't enough, after getting arrested for a string of home burglaries.

Stephanie Harvell and Mitchell Arnswald were linked to multiple burglaries and home invasions across the state after police found stolen items in their home and SUV.

“I know they been into five different counties as well, but in Bay County we have had about 13 home invasions done by these individuals we believe,” said Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham.

One of the things this crew was doing is, when they would stop, if they were discovered by somebody at the residence, they would say they were either looking for a dog,” he said. “I believe one time they said something about looking for some kids clothing.”

Harvell made headlines in 2016 after winning $500,000 from a scratch-off ticket. She told lottery officials at the time that they were living paycheck-to-paycheck and had received an eviction notice the same day.  

No one has been able to determine what the couple spent their lottery winnings on.

So here's a good lesson to learn.

Don't ever get to greedy folks. You may have got some luck in the past but it doesn't excuse you.

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