Texas Gunman Fired from Trucking Job Hours Before Shooting Rampage, Report

The suspect who gunned down seven people and injured another 22 people, including a 17-month-old girl, had just been fired from his trucking job hours before the rampage, a report said Monday.

The shooter was identified as 36-year-old Seth Aaron Ator, who was killed by law enforcement officials in Texas in a movie theater parking lot in Odessa. The seven victims ranged in age between 15 and 57 - among them a letter postal carrier, identified as Mary Granados, 29, who was driving the U.S. Postal Service van the suspect hijacked after abandoning his vehicle at one point during his rampage.

Police aren't sure why the shooter opened fire, but said the incident does not appear to have any ties to domestic or international terrorism.

The shooting began around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon when state troopers initiated a traffic stop of the suspect's gold Honda after he failed to signal a left-hand turn. The gunman shot the trooper who pulled him over with a .223 AR-15 style weapon, and then continued west to Odessa where he shot multiple other people and hijacked the postal service van driven by Granados. The suspect was eventually killed in a shootout with police near a Cinery movie theater.

A state trooper, an Odessa police officer and a Midland police officer are among those who were injured in the exchange. They are all in stable condition the Texas Department of Public Safety said.


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