$50K For A Lock Of Hair?!

A lock of George Washington’s hair is up on the auction block!

The 4-inch strand of hair was allegedly cut by a relative around 1790 while he was serving as the nation’s first president...

The white hairs were preserved with a certificate of authenticity in 1886, the document reads: "This lock of hair was cut from the head of George Washington, about the year 1790, by a relative of his. It was presented by this same relative to Capt. Samuel Butman of Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts; with whom the aforesaid relative made several trips from Alexandria, Va, to the port of Newburyport."

The famous lock of hair was given to George M. Elliott by Capt. Butman, who then passed it on to caramel candy inventor, C.F. Gunther.

George Washington’s hair is expected to go for $50,000 or more next month at RR’s auction house.

Would you pay over $50,000 for George Washington’s hair?!

Check out all of the details on TMZ.

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