The LA County Fair Returns With Some Delicious All-New Fair Food Items

New Fair Food available at the Los Angeles County Fair

The L.A. County Fair is back this Labor Day weekend (August 30) and will run through September 22 and we couldn't be more excited. Besides having the chance to see some some great concerts, enjoy some of the attractions and participate in the daily activities, the return of the LA County Fair also means the return of fair food!

This year, Chicken Charlie's - one of the biggest food vendors at the L.A. County Fair - has brought some of the new special food items fair-goers will have the chance to eat while walking around the fairgrounds.

Chicken sandwich

The first item we got to sample here at the iHeartRadio studios was Chicken Charlie's monster deep-fried chimichanga that weighs in at just over two pounds!

Inside the green spinach wrap is a hefty portion of buffalo chicken alongside several scoops of mac and cheese with bacon bits thrown on top for good measure. Then, the burrito is wrapped up and Chicken Charlies deep-fries it, cuts it in half, and then drizzles a homemade buffalo ranch sauce before finally rolling it around in some crushed Hot Cheetos.

The mouth-watering chimichanga is more than just a meal - it's an experience for anyone who can appreciate all those delicious flavors combining at once.

All together, you end up with around 2 pounds of food, which should provide fair-goers with plenty of energy while they're enjoying the rest of the fair's offerings.

Deep Fried Uncrustable

Next, is one of Chicken Charlie's latest concoctions - a deep friend Uncrustable. Be warned, this isn't your kid's uncrustable.

The latest offering from Chicken Charlies begins with the chef taking the strawberry uncrustable and dipping it in a red, crepe-like batter. Then into the deep-fryer it goes! When it's all done, Charlie garnishes the dish with a heaping helping of strawberry jelly, powdered sugar, and Fruity Pebbles.

The best part of this colorful treat is the fact it will only cost fair-goers $6.50

Deep fried oreos

Finally, no visit to the fair would be complete without an order of Chicken Charlie's 'Deep Fried Oreos!' The Fair food staple has become as ubiquitous as the turkey leg and a trip to the L.A. County Fair just wouldn't be complete without an order of the delicious deep-fried cookie sandwich.

For many foodies, there's nothing like fair food and some of the amazing flavors that are combined for these truly tasty dishes. You can purchase tickets now for the LA County Fair here and be ready to bring your appetite when you go!

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