Man Scams Investors Out of Millions Over Fake Netflix Movie

Catch this dude if you can because he was able to scheme his way into $14 million to fund a film that didn't even exist.

Adam Joiner was allegedly able to get a Korean investment firm to give him $8 million by promising them that his script had already been given the thumbs up by Netflix.

Joiner produced fake documents to prove the Netflix deal and it was apparently so convincing that a Chinese investor followed with an additional $6 million investment.

After realizing the film was going nowhere, the Korean firm demanded their money back.

Joiner forged a bank statement claiming he would, but obviously never followed through.

Eventually the FBI got involved and found out that Joiner spent $5 million on a home in Manhattan Beach as well as other expenses.

Joiner surrendered to the FBI and he is facing charges of money laundering, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.

If convicted, he could spend up to 32 years in jail.

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