Little League World Series Coach Gives Moving Speech To Kids

As you probably gathered from the video, these kids didn't win the whole thing. Yes, they got to the Little League World Series, but they lost before they even got to the final.

Despite that, these kids will remember this man for the rest of their life.


Because Jairo Labrador loved them.

When their team from Elizabeth, New Jersey lost to the Louisiana team on Wednesday, Coach Labrador gathered all the boys around for a speech.

"I love you guys, man. There's nothing else to say. You had a city behind you. The state of New Jersey! Elizabeth, New Jersey is now known in the best light because of this group of boys. Because of you guys and the work you did. I want to thank you guys. We're here because of you guys and your work. Happy graduation day to my 12 year olds. Happy graduation. You guys are going on and be superstars on the big field. It was an honor."

The speech finished up with what was captured in the video.

This is what we need more of.

This is the type of thing that needs to be "liked," "posted," and "shared" on accounts all over the place.

This is what life is truly about.

Read the full story at USA Today

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