Lancaster Shooting: Sheriff Alex Villanueva Says Pellet Gun Found

On Wednesday, the city of Lancaster was shaken up after what first appeared to be sniper situation led to an officer wounded outside of the sheriffs station. Sheriff Alex Villanueva says a pellet gun that was found near the reported shooting of a deputy in Lancaster will be sent in for testing. He believes two shots were fired and says the deputy’s uniform had two holes near the shoulder.

"The shirt appeared to have an entry and exit would. However, it deflected from the top of the vest so there was very minor injury to his shoulder."

Tactical teams searched an apartment complex next door to the sheriffs station in Lancaster Wednesday night.

"They went through the entire apartment complex top to bottom and they went through all of the rooms."

Unfortunately no one has been arrested.

"The deputy is doing fine. He's been released from the hospital. Fortunately a very minor injury.

The sheriff added that, "It deflected from the top of his vest so there was very minor injury to his shoulder."

Although no one has been arrested, Sheriff’s officials say the area is safe.

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